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The Ananda Tree is the mother and daughter team of kirsti and hanni who have developed an online boutique store specialising in a beautiful range of yoga wear and scarves based on the material bamboo

The Ananda Tree is driven by the vision of its two founders, the strong mother and daughter team of Kirsti and Hannela Matthews.  Who through their individual creative passions of yoga and photography have developed a brand that they were themselves looking for in the market place.  One that managed to be design focused and original without compromising on its core values and principals. 

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We all know we should be more eco-something but when it comes to accessorising fashion this can be extremely limiting; either hippy in linen or boho in beige.  The Ananda Tree’s range of yoga wear and scarves offer something unique being made from a sustainable source of bamboo.  The designs for the range are based on Kirsti’s photographic endeavors: from sharks to burnt woods, florals to leather bound books, the scarves go by curious names such as Archive, Magma, Copper Frost; while the yoga-wear takes Finnish names in a nod to Kirsti and Hanni’s Finnish heritage.  

The launch of The Ananda Tree coincided with the return from India of Kirsti’s daughter, Hanni who had successfully trained as a yoga teacher during her year out from university and while she was setting up her own yoga studio they decided that a range of yoga wear would complement The Ananda Tree perfectly and so set about designing a range of clothes that they felt was missing from the market place.  The range was successfully launched in February 2016 and has seen The Ananda Tree go from strength to strength. 

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Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit or the condition of utter joy, which is a sublime quality of the 100% organic bamboo we have chosen for our scarves.  If you have time for a cup of tea to sit back and read a short story you can read Ananda's Story here.  
We offer free post and packaging for the UK or for just £2.50 you can have signed for first class for extra piece of mind.  Postage to the rest of the world its a flat rate of £6.00.  For further details see our terms and conditions on our check out page or here.  

We welcome you to keep up to date on our facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest pages - @theanandatree.  

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Bamboo has amazing natural qualities which make it an excellent choice for our scarves.

Here are some of the benefits of our 100% bamboo:

    • Quickly wicks away moisture from skin
    • Stays odor free - will not absorb and concentrate odors like most performance clothing
    • Thermal regulating - keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
    • Amazingly soft and comfortable - feels like a blend of silk and cashmere
    • Sustainable - the raw material is natural, sustainable, self regenerating, and extremely fast growing (a lot of man made clothing is now made from petroleum based products)
    • Extremely breathable
    • Naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin
    • Great anti-static properties - won’t cling to skin
    • Strong and durable
    • Blocks harmful UV rays
    • Easy to dye - no harsh dyes or bleaching needed to get color to take

 Our products are all made from USDA certified organic bamboo.

Bamboo Plant:

Bamboo is such an excellent raw material because of its sustainability. As one of the fastest growing plants in the world it can grow about 70 feet in 60 days. Bamboo is a grass and behaves similarly to a the grass that you mow in your back garden.  Harvesting a bamboo stock does not kill the whole plant, so there’s no need for replanting. The extensive root network sends up new stalks regularly. Harvesting bamboo has virtually no impact on the environment. Very little water and no fertilizers or pesticides are required to grow bamboo. It is naturally antimicrobial. So because bamboo grows so easily and attention free, it will naturally colonize areas other plants cannot. It can reclaim land previously damaged by less friendly types of agriculture and can prevent soil erosion due to the complex root network. A bamboo forest releases 30% more oxygen and absorbs four times more CO2 than a forest of trees covering the same area. The bamboo used to make fabric is not taken from wild bamboo forests or panda habitat. It is grown as a crop for this specific purpose. Only USDA certified organic bamboo is used to make our products.

Or see a cute infographic we made here.

For the printing we use a process called reactive printing using reactive dyes. In the process of dyeing and printing, the reactive dyes combine with the fiber at a molecular level resulting in a fabric that has excellent performance and long lasting colours which remain bright and vibrant.