Become a Brand Ambassador for The Ananda Tree


We would love you to be associated with our brand and have hopefully made it super easy for you to become an ambassador for us:  

We have two levels of Ambassador - Dolphins and Eagles.  You decide which one you want to be.  Whichever level you are we'll feature you on our up and coming Ambassador page with links to either your blog or IG.   If you could mention us in any blog you may have that would be wonderful too (back-links people!)  

 Aknes yoga leggings beach

Dolphin Ambassador 

As a Dolphin Ambassador there is no pressure to perform to any sales figures or any nonsense like that - you buy, you promote, you get a freebie for every 10 sales:

  • 30% Discount On Your Purchases:  All ambassadors receive 30% off all the time when you buy one product a month. We just ask that you post at least one picture on your social media accounts each week with the #theanandatree and tagged @theanandatree_.  Don't worry if you haven't made a purchase in any particular month - just keep posing in the same pair the following month - that's cool.  We don't want to pressure you into making a purchase just as we wouldn't want to be pressurised ourselves.
  • We will also share your pictures on our IG/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest etc feeds and of course give you a mention as well.  
  • For every 10 purchases associated with your discount code you get a FREEBIE: When you post your gorgeous photos, also quote your unique discount code that we give you, then your followers will receive a 20% discount for any purchase they make over £30.  For every 10 sales we get using your unique discount code, you can pick a FREE pair of leggings or top of your choice - we even cover the p&p.  
  • The chance to be invited along to super fun yoga photoshoots 

We'll let you know when someone uses your code so you can also keep track of the sales that you have made.  

Eagle Ambassador

Soar to dizzy heights with the Eagle Ambassador program.  Start with being a Dolphin and once you have made just 10 sales in one month then not only will you get your freebie then if you continue to post pictures and the sales continue we will give you 5% net of any further sales moving forward (after any discounts have been taken into account).  In addition we would look for you to:

  • Post on your social media at least twice a week
  • State on your insta/blog bio that you are our Ambassador

But we can discuss more when we see how fab you are and the sales are coming in all with your unique discount code!  

Any questions - email us -

NB - If you don't post for 3 months we reserve the right to remove you from our pages.