Care for your bamboo


care label
So here is a picture of the care label that you will find on your bamboo scarf or top.  First question China? well where else does bamboo come from, and if you want to read more about bamboo in general you can find it on our About Us page.  
In addition to the usual instructions on the label we thought some actual observations might be useful.  Though that's what these are just our own observations when washing the scarves:  
Wash in a cool setting as you would most colours.  You don't have to worry about any colourfastness or shrinkage or anything.  Dry it as you would for woolens - as flat as possible or line dry.  I don't have a tumble drier (or not one that is usable) so I can't comment on tumble drying, only I wouldn't recommend it for anything anyway.
The main golden rule is: Do not iron - Its not that you can't its just that we have found that the material is wonderful in how it drapes but ironing it seems to flatten out the fibers taking away its 'bounce' for a better word.  
If you think its looking a bit creased just folding it nicely or even just hanging it over the end of your bed should be enough to sort it out.  Just wearing it and any creases fall out.  
Saying that the clothes and scarves do seem quite resilient to everyday wear so you shouldn't get any issues.  If you do - please let us know, feedback is a wonderful thing.