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The Ananda tree launches a luxury collection of 100% organic bamboo scarves and Yoga Wear

The Ananda Tree launched 19th February 2016, bringing a luxurious range of 100% organic bamboo scarves and in July 2016 a range of exciting yoga wear was added to the range.  

Battle, East Sussex – We all know we should be more eco-something but when it comes to accessorizing fashion this can be extremely limiting; either hippy in linen or boho in beige.  The Ananda Tree’s range of scarves offer something unique for both men and women, being made from a sustainable source of bamboo, yet in the first collection powerful dark hues contrast alongside more feminine luscious shades. 

All scarves are a very generous 210cm x 70cm (approx) in size and designed by the founder of The Ananda Tree, Kirsti Matthews alongside her daughter and partner in the business Hanni Matthews (aka the Yoga_Berry)

Kirsti has designed all the scarves based on her own photographic endeavors: from sharks to burnt woods, florals to leather bound books, the scarves go by curious names such as Archive, Catja, Copper Frost and are sure to delight when the luxurious satiny feel of the bamboo material is encountered for the first time. 

The range of Yoga clothes came about when the co founder of The Ananda Tree, Hanni Matthews qualified as a yoga teacher in India and the idea not only to add clothes to the range but a range of yoga wear became a natural progression.  The designs carry through with the thought processes initiated by the scarves.  All the clothes have then been given Finnish names in a nod to their ancestral heritage such as Kaia, Riia and Aava.  

Bamboo has so many great properties.  Bamboo is such an excellent raw material because of its sustainability.  It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can grow about 70 feet in 60 days.  Bamboo is a grass and behaves similarly mowing your garden.  Harvesting a bamboo stock does not kill the whole plant, so there’s no need for replanting.  Instead the extensive root network sends up new stalks regularly.  Therefore, harvesting bamboo has virtually no impact on the environment. In addition, it is worth noting that very little water and no fertilizers or pesticides are required to grow bamboo.  It is naturally antimicrobial which is also a good reason to wear bamboo clothing. Because bamboo grows so easily and attention free, it will naturally colonize areas other plants cannot.  It can reclaim land previously damaged by less friendly types of agriculture and can prevent soil erosion due to its complex root network. A bamboo forest releases 30% more oxygen and absorbs four times more CO2 than a forest of trees covering the same area.  The bamboo used to make fabric is not taken from wild bamboo forests or panda habitat. It is grown as a crop for this specific purpose. Only USDA certified organic bamboo is used to make our products.

This is Kirsti’s first expedition into the world of e-Commerce having been the Financial Director of a reinsurance consultancy, The Global Re Group, for the past 16 years.  However, at the ripe old age of 47 she decided there is never a more perfect time to explore any latent entrepreneurial tendencies than the present, by using her creative flair to develop and source The Ananda Tree. 

Hanni is currently a yoga teacher and full time student as well as dealing with all the creative flair on social media for The Ananda Tree.  

If you would like more information about this launch, please contact Kirsti MH Matthews at 07545 927048 or email at