Silly questions you have but won't ask?

Don't be shy - no question is a silly question - its just silly not to ask it.

 So what's The Ananda Tree all about? 

Well that's quite tricky to answer really - as its many things.  Ananda means Bliss so take everything from there.  It describes the material we mainly use which is bamboo.  We're about bamboo but not tied to it.  So you will see some items that aren't made from bamboo.  But that was a conscious decision made about performance you need when it comes to certain aspects of your yoga wear, in particular.  Also cost - it can surprisingly expensive to be sustainable all the time - even though we are always working with our suppliers to try and adapt and work on how we can improve on these matters.  Bear with us.  

We also love design.  The unique.  The different.  The quirky.  That little something you won't find in the main stream.  Read our About Us page for more details.  

How the hell do you make stuff out of  bamboo?

I know remarkable isn't it.  Especially when you feel it for the first time.  Its so soft and silky.  We think its made by magic and a sprinkling of fairy dust.  If not it could be that its the pulp from inside the shoots.  We have a section on bamboo in our About Us page which is here.  

So how do I look after it - you know laundry and the like?

You've not checked out our web site thoroughly have you - tut tut.  There's a whole page page which you can read about here.  Basically its super easy and doesn't even need ironing (the best bit really)  


We've tried to keep the sizing quite simple S/M/L

Small is about a UK standard 8-10

Medium 10-12

Large 12-14

If in doubt though go up a size especially with the leggings as they are more comfortable to then exercise in.  If you find that you ordered the wrong size though - don't worry we are happy to exchange.  

Postage Rates

£3.35 for standard

free over £50

If you want next day deliver try and order before noon and not 7pm on a Sunday because its just not going to arrive the next day and the cost will be £7.35.

I would also advise not to order next day delivery on t shirts as they are made especially and won't get to you the next day no matter how much you stamp your foot.  

However, as we have only just started charging for p&p if you quote 96YVK1AJJ3H7 before 16th March 2017 then you can have standard p&p free.  

I've reached check out and I have to tick a box that says are you ok to send my details to the State - WTF?

Ok - so that freaked us out a bit when we first saw it too.  But basically the store is hosted that side of the Atlantic so all the sales dealings go over the pond first.  Please don't freak.  Your stuff's not being shared with the FBI or anything (hope not anyways)  Its a transaction thing.  We're based in the UK in case you didn't get that from anywhere.  

Do you have a privacy policy?

Absolutely - we don't like it when our details are shared to some randomer so we won't do the same to you.  

Where's my order? Why can't I track it?

If you went for the standard option the choices are limited.  I have a proof of posting and am just taking your word for it that you haven't received it.  We're only an amoebae in an ocean with giant squids the size of Amazon etc so hope you don't take advantage of that. So email us at and let us know your issue and we'll see what we can sort out.  

If you think you should have a tracking code, it should have been sent to you automatically.  So again let us know and we'll be sure to send it.  

Why are my T shirts taking so long?

Our t shirts are basically made to order and so can take a couple of extra days to get off to you.  If you are finding its taking too long then please let us know.  They should be with you in 5 -7 working days.  

But I don't like it?

That's cool these things happen.  Its online so while we have done our best to portray everything as accurately as possible sometimes things just aren't what you expected.   Let us know you want to return (in the original packaging and in its original condition ie no make up stains from where you tried it on etc)  and what you want to do - different size, different design, even if you want a refund (NOoooo!)  Anyway, don't worry its all sortable.

Where else can I buy your stuff from?

At the moment here and only here: (for those of you that have lost the thread).  

But this is a changeable feast and as soon as we have any other outlets that you may prefer to go and browse we will be sure to let you know.  

Where's my Discount Code?

Email us if you think you are due one.  

I fancy the idea of being an Ambassador for you?

Great.  Send us a brief idea of what you think you can bring to the brand.  We like ideas and numbers, especially numbers in this world of eCommerce.  And by numbers we mean in terms of followers on instagram; Facebook interaction, web site and blog post visits - that kind of thing.  

We have a small but growing band of Brand Ambassadors and look forward to introducing them to you.  

But what about....?

Anything else email us at

Thank you for taking time out to read all the way to the bottom.  


Namaste to all you lovelies out there.